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Puppy, puppy....PUPPPPPPYYYYY POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

What I would be looking for when looking for a new companion.....

In anticipation of releasing some new dates for my popular online puppy courses, and knowing the summer holidays is often a time when people look at welcoming their new friends I felt todays puppy visit was a great opportunity to share some puppy spam...I mean tips..... on what to look for.

I got to snuggle these beauties again, my grandpup's. Standard smooths are thankfully less commonly seen, and people are often surprised to know there are "big ones", they are quite a bit larger than the mini's and full of personality. They are the breed original, the true hound, loyal, versatile and bold. These pups are full of personality, kisses and cuddles, alongside that amazing puppy smell……it was very hard not to sneak one out!

Bed time....almost

The puppy market has been saturated since covid and sadly many jumped onto the breeding bandwagon which has lead to a surge in behavioural issues in the “covid generation” and beyond. Breeders have a huge role in raising puppies, but buyers set the expectations and the standard they are raised in.

There is no hard and fast criteria in raising puppies or finding the right one, your gut instinct must lead the way! But for me, walking into a room of babies I’d expect them all to come charging over whilst I sat on the floor with them and to be kissed and nibbled. I’d expect them to go between my legs, nibble my toes and just be happy engaging babies. (see the picture)

Puppy love and nibbles

I’d expect when the breeder popped out of the room and came back in for the puppies (if they’re awake obviously) to clamber over to greet them and to see the breeder expertly walk like they are walking in mud, or glide like they are skiing which demonstrates they have interacted with them regularly and know how to navigate all the puppies landing on their feet. The breeder will be calm around the puppies, not shouting or screeching at them if they get a bit mouthy, but casually redirect them elsewhere.

How can I sneak you all out?

I’d certainly expect the breeder to gush about how wonderful the puppies are and about their wonderful parents. If the father isn't there I'd hope the breeder would have already shown be pictures and told me their background. Mum should be around, although at 7/8 weeks she may be separated more often so they can't try and sneak a feed. She will be encouraging them to be more independent of her, but still attentive.

Proud dad Sid showing off

This beautiful litter I visited were put to the test today, with

Dad wanting his reward

loud squeak noises from toys, silly noises from children, being picked up and held and examined gently and being scooped up for snuggles by strangers. Not one of them was shy.

Observant mum

They even forgave me for chipping them and came back for snuggles and kisses.

I'm ready for my close up!

The breeders home would not be spotless, it'll be lived in. Things normally on the floor placed carefully up high, wires hidden or draped out of is exhausting being a breeder, household chores are low on the list! You may even find the breeder still in their pj's, hair shoved into a messy ponytail and looking like they've not slept a full night for weeks (they haven't!) You’d expect to see a few pads that have been used on the floor, toys, maybe some safe chews. There may be dog hair in the corners, a mop nearby for tiled floors. I'd always look around for family photos (I mention this as I am hearing more and more tails of “staged” homes, where homes are sub-letted and staged to give the appearance that the puppies are indeed raised in the home. So, if the home is spotless, if there aren’t random items lying around, dog hair in the corners, family photographs hanging around ask yourselves why!)

Hello beautiful!

This is hopefully an investment in the next 15 years, maybe more of your lives, its important to get it right!

For further information on the health priorities of dachshunds and the current research on all things dachshund pop over to:

For a more detailed guide on what to look for when looking for the right puppy and loads more go to:

Huge thanks to Hannah at HASOMA ( standard smooths, for letting me get my puppy fix. You have done a remarkable job and raised beautiful babies!! I can't wait to see them grow.

Sibling snuggles

Batteries ran out

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