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Do you only work with dachshunds?

No, I work with all breeds, however due to extensive experience within the breed I specialise and focus on dachshunds.

What does Perfectly Polite Dachshunds do differently than others in your field?

My personal, academic and professional experience of the breed gives me extensive knowledge.  I offer a holistic, and adaptive approach to all the dogs I meet. I am respected amongst the dachshund community and offer support to all that work with dachshunds.  

I have written numerous blogs for the Dachshund Breed Council, support numerous breeders as their behavioural support, work extensively with The Red Foundation and am a trustee with Dachshund health.

However, what sets me apart, is I am humble.  I do not claim to know it all, I am always learning and I value my clients view on what is happening with their dogs. 

What is your training methodology?

I encourage owners to see things from a different perspective and from the dog's perspective.  If owners can understand what is happening they are more likely to react effectively.  I encourage fun training and positivity- if its fun, the owners will continue with their training, and if its fun, the dog will enjoy the training. 
I do not believe in nagging, chastising and constant negativity - its not healthy or helpful for anyone!  A happy owner means a happy dachshund!

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