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Barking!  Lets face it its annoying!

It brings out the worst in us too!

Dogs bark, we know that. But why?

Its a form of communication.  They bark for a huge variety of reasons, sometimes we've  accidentally teach them to do it, sometimes its for attention, many times its due to fear and then there's frustration.

I see it across social media, they're dachshunds......they bark!  But should they bark that much?  They were bred to a tell their human they had seen their prey, to tell the hunter where they were mid hunt and then to drive or drag it out of its den.  But they really shouldn't feel the need to bark at EVERYTHING!  

Being a tad philosophical, our society has created so many issues causing the barking the question it the breed? Or is it the way we raise them?  Do we put them in uncomfortable situations? Do we accidently reinforce the barking behaviours.....just for a peaceful life?  We need to look at everything, from how we socialise them (its not just letting them 'play' with other dogs or have cuddles with lots of people, to identifying what else may be influencing their behaviours. 

It affects our confidence, its embarrassing and its isolating.  In efforts to avoid the stress, we stop having friends over, we avoid going to cafe's or the pub, we avoid walks, which in turn affects your relationship with your dachshunds.  Its really not a joke.  The anxieties and frustrations creep up on you, and by the time you're a wreck or just frustrated all the time.

This is why the barking course is hugely successful, we don't just address the noise......we look at the why's.  That way we can really address the cause of the issue and change the way they think they need to react.  We cannot just stop them barking!  If only it was that easy, however by learning about what they are telling you, learning how to help them achieve calm and learning the best way to respond in those tricky situations you can and will make permanent changes.    A lot of it will also help YOU build confidence in yourself and remind you why you got a dachshund in the first place.  We will find the fun and joy again, together as a team!

See my blog for top tips and advice on barking!  

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