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What we offer



6 week online barking course

Interactive, high level of individual support and advice. Working systematically to address barking issues affecting your lives.  The course covers reactivity at home and on walks.  Separation Anxiety related barking is not covered in detail but is touched on.

Support via dedicated course fb group, weekly lives and zooms, videos to demonstrate what you need to do. Each course varies depending on the needs of those on the course.

4 Week Separation Anxiety course  

Following the SA Pro Plan!  A 4 week introduction to addressing your dachshunds separation anxiety as part of a group with others struggling with the same issues.

The course will include

1 x weekly zoom

1 x fb live

Dedicated course facebook group to share your progress and ask for support


Online  One to one Training packages to address specific issues

These sessions are designed to work with your needs.

There are three packages available to follow on from 121 sessions on reactivity or separation anxiety. These can only be booked following a 1 hour consultation directly due to limited availability. 


Online One to one consultations

Zoom consultations to address and assess specific issues

These sessions are catered to you and your dachshunds needs.  They can act as a stand a lone session where we  discuss the issue you are having and gather information to work out the best techniques to use for that issue.  These sessions are also needed prior to booking onto any package to ensure they are best suited to you.  The session will provide initial steps for you and progression.  

Generally we can only address one issue at a time depending on the severity.  It is best to go over each issue in detail rather than skim the surface and not truly identify the cause.

In hours session can be booked directly through the website, sessions outside of normal hours will need to be booked directly depending on availiability

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