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Let’s talk socialisation.....what is it?

Does it mean exposing them to everything?

Letting everyone touch them? Cuddle them?

Letting them run up to every dog they see or letting all dogs do the same to them?

If only it was that easy....often this can lead to anxiety or frustration!!!

The rules of socialisation depend on your dogs character and learning history.

BUT socialisation should be controlled, your choice AND elses! They need to learn their environment is safe. You should always be the best thing on your walks!

Short positive exposure sometimes from a distance, sometimes saying hi to carefully selected people and dogs (those with good manners) is so important (if your daxie and you want to) AND some days you can say to people “ no its a training day today, its all about me and my daxie” and walk on by. Some days just sit down and watch the world go by, letting them take it all in without having to mingle.

Think about how exhausted you’d be if every single day you had to say hello to every single person and every single dog you come across EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Plus explore all those lovely new things that appear in the environment. Plus really loud a cat. I'm exhausted thinking about it.

Daxies are a sensitive breed, and gosh don’t they hate bad’s rude to stare at someone you know? It’s even ruder to reach out and touch someone let alone go in for a cuddle!

The world is daxie mad, so don’t be scared to advocate for them.

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