Finding a 'bomb proof' puppy

- Is there lots of enrichment for the puppy? Lots of toys, different surfaces, opportunities to go in the car for a drive, safe space to explore?

- Are they part of the household and therefore exposed to noises such as the tv, hoover, washing machine etc.

- Are the puppies happy to explore their environment?

- Do they greet the breeder and you when you visit?

- Are they exposed to children or do they go to local schools for cuddles?

- Are they happy to be handled by everyone?

- Are they in an area where they have room to separate their bed from feeding areas and toileting?

- When they are fed is there plenty of food to prevent resource guarding? Are they given puppy friendly chews?

If the answer is yes to all of these then you will hopefully be set up for success for a well rounded and confident puppy. It is then up to you as the owner to sociailse them slowly with the world around them.

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