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Finding a 'bomb proof' puppy

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

First of all - Health testing

IVDD Screening

It is becoming more an more evident that IVDD is more than a BIG problem affecting our breed. Many other breeds hip score, and in dachshunds back scoring has been used in Scandinavia for several years and is currently the best available tool to help us reduce the genetic risk of IVDD. There are many influencing factors, but if we can reduce/eliminate one factor it will save many. More information is available here:

PRA/Laforas Testing for the mini's.

Please note non KC registered dogs are generally not tested, please ensure parents are tested. I have come across many non KC registered dogs which have shown signs of sight issues by way of behavioural issues (aggression) who are PRA affected and are going blind!

  • Cord1 PRA DNA test for all 3 varieties of Miniature Dachshund

  • Lafora DNA test for Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund

  • Clinical eye screening for Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds


Are the pups still with their mum?

Is she happily engaging with them?

Does she appear healthy?

Raising the pups?

- Is there lots of enrichment for the puppy? Lots of toys, different surfaces, opportunities to go in the car for a drive, safe space to explore?

- Are they part of the household and therefore exposed to noises such as the tv, hoover, washing machine etc.

- Are the puppies happy to explore their environment?

- Do they greet the breeder and you when you visit?

- Are they exposed to children or do they go to local schools for cuddles?

- Are they happy to be handled by everyone?

- Are they in an area where they have room to separate their bed from feeding areas and toileting?

- When they are fed is there plenty of food to prevent resource guarding? Are they given puppy friendly chews?


New legal changes mean most breeders need to be licensed, depending on the local authority, Anyone breeding at least 3 litters a year MUST be licensed, but under this the expectations seem to vary.

What you should consider is that if the breeder has several breeds, or several litters advertised (its not hard to find out), then they should be licensed. If they frequently have dogs over 4 months it is likely they are imported which can bring in a whole other range of issues to consider. Do your research! Do not give a deposit without seeing the pups, and get it in writing that you have given a deposit, and note down and agree to the terms of that deposit.

For a more comprehensive run down, please visit:

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