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Dachshund Behaviour

Dachshunds are awesome!  They are the empaths of the dog world and so tenacious and fun.  Lets explore the breed a moment.

They are hunters

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers potentially as far back as the 15th century.  The miniatures came later to hunt smaller game.

In Europe they are still used to hunt wild boar and stag. 

They would go underground in search of their prey, barking along the way to indicate to the hunter where they were located, they would then find and drag out their prey.  If they are used above ground they 'report' to the hunter they have found their prey and try to keep it in location. 

Their big chests allow them to breath more deeply in confined spaces, and offer some protection against their scary prey. Their shape allow them to dig and go down the setts.  They should be bold and courageous to enable them to take on the scary prey they often had to work with. 

mothers day 6.jpg

They are clever

Despite common belief, they are highly trainable.  They actually really enjoy learning new skills.  Especially scentwork.  Being a scenthound they see through their noses.  You may even find they bark when they smell a specific scent!  You will often know when they have picked up a scent by the change in their body language - tail up like a flag, nose down.  When they are on a scent, they will struggle to hear you as they channel their focus into that smell.  

Want to know more?

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