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How do I socialise my puppy?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

- Slowly introduce your puppy to the world. Do not overwhelm them. Keep their world small to start.

- Sit in the front garden with your puppy on a lead and watch the world go by. Lots of quiet praise when the puppy looks at a new thing and then looks to you.

- Do not go straight to your local park and let them off to run with other dogs. This can cause anxiety later on. Especially if they have a bad experience.

- Do not let people they do not know pick them up or ‘mug’ them. It is scary these giant hands reaching in from a height. Encourage people to crouch and tell the puppy its ok to say hello. Do not let people grab. If the puppy does not go over, politely say “oh she’s a bit tired today” and walk away. Its ok to say no to people.

- Take your puppy to places where you know dogs will be under control, a local café or the pub, take a blanket with you and teach your puppy learn to relax whilst things go on around them. A small safe chew is ideal for this sort of thing.

- Be cautious with free for all puppy parties. All dog to dog interaction should be controlled and on lead. (I know it sounds awful but this is the best way for your puppy to build confidence in you and his or herself.)

- Be aware when your puppy is overtired or hungry they may become fractious. You will start seeing a pattern – mouthing, excess energy and so on. Try and anticpate this and pop the puppy in a safe crate for a nap.

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